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Gindome - MerMaid Navy
Gindome - MerMaid Navy
Gindome - MerMaid Navy
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Gindome - MerMaid Navy

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"Spirit of Legends"

Mermaid Navy - 58,2%

Double Gold award winner from the world largest spirit competition in san Francisco 2022

Nowadays the modern little mermaid is a strong and independent woman giving all she can to fulfil her dreams. Nothing comes easy but if you are a believer and you stand up for you right as an individual, you will have good chance to succeed.

Botanicals: high quality juniper from the juniper island Saaremaa and from Mediterranean, Coriander seed, Angelica root, Orris root, Corn flowers, Local Chaga from birch, Sea buckthorn, , Orange Peel and to get a deep and smooth taste a bit of Liquorice root, cashew nut and Nutmeg. All mixed with some secret magic


While we are big fans of a perfectly poured gin and tonic, as a small batch gin brand we are often asked if you can drink the gin neat. ... The answer is yes – The Little Mermaid gin is a great sipping spirit!

If you prefer a gin and tonic, we recommend this order:

  1. Get the glass as cold as possible.
  2. Add lots and lots of ice.
  3. Add your Little Mermaid gin. 1/3
  4. Top with your tonic of choice 2/3 (goes nicely with Indian and Mediterranean Tonic)
  5. Give it a gentle stir.
  6. Top with the garnish of your choice. (Dried Lemon slices as example)
  7. Enjoy (and consider a repeat)

Our master distiller have made some cocktail suggestion for the Dry, but they fit perfect for the Navy strength as well. Check it out here...

The Story behind Navy gin

Gin, like rum, has a long association with the British Royal Navy. While the sailors were given rum rations as part of their wages, gin was strictly for the officers. 

During the Napoleonic wars, vice admiral Horatio Lord Nelson ordered barrels of Plymouth gin for his officers. However, there were concerns that spilt gin could rend gunpowder impossible to light, so the founder of Plymouth gin, Thomas Coates, created Navy Strength gin, strong enough to pass the British Royal Navy's proof test. This involved soaking grains of gunpowder in an alcohol. If the alcohol still lit this was a "proof" that it was above 57% ABV, and it was allowed on board of the ship. By the mid-18th century, Plymouth Distillery was supplying 1.000 barrels Navy Strength per year to the Royal Navy!

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