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Gindome dry gin with ginger ale and apple juice

Master distillers sugestion: 

Gindome dry gin with ginger ale and apple juice is delicious and refreshing. A drink that will also suit those who think they do not like gin.

In this drink, the juice and ginger ale that you choose will play a big role. Fentiman's Ginger Ale is not very sweet, while the apple juice we have used with elderberries is quite sweet. If you use other types, you will probably need to adjust the amount to suit your own taste. That's what's fun, testing tastes and finding what you like best.

You can also use ginger beer in this drink, just watch and adjust the amount of the other ingredients so it works together. Find your own mix!

When it is cold a weat outside, I think this can also be very good warm. Then I would heat the juice, and use a bit more of it, and drop the ice of course. In that case, pour hot juice over the other after you have mixed in the glass, possibly a mug. But it do not have to be warm if you are more to normal cocktails.

Gindome dry gin with ginger ale and apple juice 



  • 4 cl Gindome dry Gin
  • 4 cl Fentimans or Fever Tree Ginger Ale
  • 4 cl Apple juice 
  • Green apple 

Ginger Ale from Fever-tree can be a good pick, but try different tonics that is always a good idea.

This is what you need

  • Gindome dry Gin
  • Fentimans or Fever Tree Ginger Ale
  • Measuring cup
  • Copa glass
  • Knife
  • Green apple
  • Apple juice
  • Isbiter

Decorate with

  • Green apple

Proceed like this

  1. Wash and dry the fruit you are going to use as a garnish.
  2. Cut a boat of about the right size from the apple.
  3. Measure out gin, tonic and juice. Pour this into the glass
  4. Fill with ice cubes until the ice cubes protrude above the liquid. Add the apple boat, or you can wait with this until the very end.
  5. Clean up after yourself. During the time it takes, your Gin and Tonic have become cold
  6. Taste and adjust the amount of tonic, juice and garnish if necessary

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