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White Negroni

20ml Gindome Navy

20ml Gran Passano Bianco

2bl (5ml) Suze

orange peel oil on the top

Garnish: big ice ball, orange peel

Glass: Low-ball

Tom, Cherry & Sour

40ml Gindome Old Tom

20ml sugar syrup

15ml lemon juice

20ml egg white

2 bl Luxardo

2 dash Plum bitter

Garnish: lemon peel

Glass: cocktail glass

Sensual Viking

40ml Gindome Dry

10ml pink grapefruit syrup

60ml pink grapefruit juice

40ml sparkling water

Garnish: grapefruit

Glass: high

The Legendary gin


Viking Dry

The modern Viking is an explorer who lives and enjoys the moment they are in. He or she dares to take steps into unknown land but at the same time having time to look and feel the moment. 


Mermaid Navy

The modern little mermaid is a strong and independent woman giving all she can to fulfil her dreams. Nothing comes easy but if you are a believer and you stand up for you right as an individual, you will have good chance to succeed.


Old Tom

Once upon a time gin was the drink of the time. It was full of good tastes, lightly sweetened. It was so popular drink that the British government tried to stop the rampant sale of gin by heavily taxing it. Of course, this didn’t stop the gin-thirsty.

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