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In the 1750s wars were fought on land and sea, and the Royal Navy, it turned out, had taken over the ownership of the gin craze. Each vessel was ordered to have a certain amount of gin on board. For health purposes.

But there were concerns that the gin – being stored near the gunpowder – might leak and spoil the powder. So, Plymouth developed navy strength gin…

The Admiral barrel or cask-aged gin is a gin that have been 'aged' by being steeped in virgin oak barrels for a period of time. The gin used for this is a special edition of the second best gin in the world 2022 – Gindome Mermaid.

How to drink barrel aged gin?

Many love it neat. But barrel-aged gins are often nice served with honey. Make a hot toddy with barrel-aged gin, honey, orange and. If you would like to make a long drink with barrel-aged gin, try ginger ale instead of tonic.


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