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While working on a daily basis in a field which deals with alcoholic drinks we also aknowledge various dangerous risks connected to alcohol consumption and driving under the influence. The Hope Distillery’s goal is to take the movement „If you drink, do not drive!“ outside our company.

The Hope Distillery holds a firm standpoint that drinking alcohol and driving do not go together!

We suggest that if you are consuming beverages, then do it wisely and also make sure that your friends do the same. If you drink alcohol, do not sit behind the wheel of any vehicle. Driving under the influence can seriously damage your and other people’s health and risk with their life. Needless to say, the traffic act against misdemeanor caused by driving under the influence is severe.

We ask you as well to make a firm decision to avoid driving vehicles after consuming alcohol. Be one of the ambassadors of our movement, who always follows the principle „If you drink, do not drive!“ and whose aim is to bring this message also to his family, friends and colleagues. Let’s keep ourselves and our loved ones from breaking the law and protect our health and life.


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