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Our Story

It all started in London

My name is Steen Lerche-Jensen and I am founder and Master Distiller at The Hope Distillery OÜ. My gin story started many years ago, so I will start it like this…

Once upon a time back in the summer of 1997 a young Dane packed his small suitcase, jumped on a plane to London with the purpose of exploring and start a new life far away from his former secure life. Just like the Vikings of old - with a dream to explore and live in different cultures.

His time in London was dynamic and sparked an interest in different types of gin. The journey in London was just a start, and after a couple of years came opportunities to travel and work in different countries. With travel he developed a hobby of sampling the various types of gin that the world had to offer. Over the next many years he lived in places from the likes of Holland, Sweden, Norway, and Poland to Switzerland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Australia.

Along the way he collected stories and memories with gin as a constant passenger.

The thought to turn hobby into business quickly developed and rolled into action! A Master distiller education in London was undertaken, a location was rented, and distillery equipment was bought.

A dream and a deep interest has now become a new gin brand Gindome, and you can be sure that all experience and all love for gin will be put into producing the highest premium gin possible. It has been a long journey - but then again, the interesting part is just to beGIN!

Gindome will be a story telling gin and inspiration will be found in many known legends. Our slogan is "Spirit of Legends”.

Hope you will enjoy the products that I have put my heart, love, and story into.

Steen Lerche-Jensen

Master Distiller

 Check our Snowflackes charity where we help children living poverty.

If you have to make your own gin brand we can mke it for you

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