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Charity Snowflakes

Living in challenging situation!

All areas of a child’s life are adversely affected by poverty: home, school, friendships and more. The most visible aspect is that they do not have what their friends have. Child poverty impacts on children's ability to enjoy their childhoods and achieve their aspirations.


During Christmas time it is often worse when they see other children getting gifts. It is a hard feeling inside to know "I get nothing".

We from The Hope Distillery cannot change the world, but on the small island saaremaa where we are located, we will try to give a little light of hope to the children living in poverty.

For each bottle sold, we will donate a portion to our Charity Snowflakes account. And once a year we will give presents to as many children in need as possible.


"All children need to feel special"

if we one time a year can give this feeling to children who need this so so much, then this is worse all the work put into this.


How we will raise money:

1) From each sold bottle an amount will be placed on the Snowfalkes account.

2) Private and company donations.

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