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Old Tom

"Spirit of Legends"


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Once upon a time gin was the drink of the time. It was full of good tastes, lightly sweetened. It was so popular drink that the British government tried to stop the rampant sale of gin by heavily taxing it. Of course, this didn’t stop the gin-thirsty Brits of the time and so, rather than the gin industry becoming extinct, it simply moved underground away from the prying eyes of the law.

This is how the name Old Tom Gin was born. In order to let punters know where they could get their hands on some gin, black wooden cats (Old Tom) were mounted on the outside walls of the establishments still selling their beloved gin. Under the paw of the cat was a money slot that people would use to shoot their cash down in a lead tube and in return, would come back as a shot of gin poured by the bartender. 

Nowadays we live in a changing world. Virus came and tried to stop the world. It tried to stop our usual habits and living. Restaurants and bars are closed, nightclubs are empty. However somewhere still the music plays, somewhere you can be who you want to be. You can have your favourite gin cocktail. You just need to find the black mystery cat who leads you to wherever you want to...

Signature cocktail

London Dog:

Gin English heritage tells the story of British aristocracy, class warfare, technological innovation, the maritime industry, and more. There are plenty of good Old Tom Stories.


  • Ice
  • 4-5 mint leaves
  • Gindome Old Tom Gin, 2,5 cl
  • Elderflower Tonic, 2,5 cl
  • Apple juice, 5 cl
  • Champagne or sparkling wine of your taste, top the class
  • 3 slices of apples (1 for garnish)

Start by putting plenty of ice into a large red wine glass. 2) Add the mint, apple juice, elderflower and Gindome Old Tom gin. 3) Top the drink up with chilled prosecco and mix with a spoon.


Add two large slices of Apples to the drink and garnish the glass with one large slice.

If you want other good cocktails, you can use the same recipes as our master distillery has suggested for the London Dry. Using this Old Tom just adds more amazing tastes. Try them out, have a look...

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