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Your own Gin

For producers without a distillery or without distillery education/licenses. You can still make gin. Just do it in cooperation with us. Also, for companies who want gin for special events or as gifts – Maybe you are a hotel or restaurant who wants their own brand.



At The Hope Distillery OÜ, we have the capacity to perform tasks for companies, organizations and individuals who want to produce their own small batch of spirits (Gin, Aquavit or Vodka). We can help with everything from recipe development to distillation, bottling, labeling and packaging.


Your brand - Our spirits product knowledge

The distillation takes place in our 200-liter copper pot stills, which are ideal for most types of spirits.

We can offer private label distillation from 300 bottles up to 30,000 bottles of finished spirits per year. Contracts of more than 30,000 bottles require a closer dialogue about delivery, storage, etc.



Have your products produced at a distillery, by Danish Master distillery educated from London, where all processes are closely monitored, and quality comes first.

  • Be part of your own brand. Get close to the production process and join in as we distill your spirits.
  • We distill in small batches, which makes it easier to control the quality and develop the product
  • We help produce private labels, limited edition editions, event products, etc.
  • We can help with recipes, come with suggestion or just follow what you want.
  • You get full distillery service from distillation to bottling, labeling and packaging
  • We can supply at all levels from bulk to shelf-ready products
  • We help with storage and settle taxes and fees
  • Minimum order of 300 bottles of finished spirit for new developed products.

If you want to know more about the possibilities for Private labeling distillation, contact us at or call Steen at +372 5616 4665.

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